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Jen Davis News: Jen Davis: First Call Out, November  4, 2017 - DODHO MAGAZINE

Jen Davis: First Call Out

November 4, 2017 - DODHO MAGAZINE

Since the publication of my first monograph, Eleven Years, I found that most of what I wanted to say in this self-portrait series had been said, and I was interested in taking a break from the intensity of looking at my own body. A physical transformation became the underlying theme of this series, which is what lead me away from myself. I began to make photographs of both female and male body builders whose identities are defined through the physical form of their bodies. Competitions are where I go to meet these women and men, though I am not interested in photographing on stage, rather in environments surrounding the venue that can isolate the individual. In order to be competitive, these women must possess a certain type of subscribed beauty: tanned bodies, bedazzled bikinis, stripper heels, tons of make-up and jewels, leaving little to no room for individuality. I am amazed at the way these women and men openly subject themselves as an object to be admired and sought after on stage. I am interested in examining these sub-cultures, insecurities and psychologies. I cannot understand their intentions, but am curious to explore their relationship to their own body, the role of beauty, narcissism, and what motivates this form of expression and scrutiny. Click to read article.

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