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Nina Korhonen News: Happy/Brooklyn 1988-93, June 13, 2019 - Nina Korhonen

Happy/Brooklyn 1988-93

June 13, 2019 - Nina Korhonen

Nina Korhonen has just had a new book published. The photographs in Happy/Brooklyn 1988-93 are from Korhonen’s first photography project. During her time as a photography student in Stockholm she traveled to Brooklyn to visit her grandmother Anna and to tell the story of Finntown, a part of Brooklyn that in those days was inhabited by Finnish immigrants. On the weekends she visited Coney Island, photographing people swimming, adolescents roaming the beach and families on picnic.  “Life and taking photographs were pleasurable, simple and unpretentious. This book is a tribute to all the people I met, and to that which was, which never will be again. Remember.”

Published by Tira Books, Sweden, 2019; soft cover, 128 pages, 19 x 26 cm, Duplex print, English text, $40. 

Nina Korhonen News: ANNA AMERIKAN MUMMU, January 17, 2019


January 17, 2019

The exhibition “Anna Amerikan mummu” featuring works by Swedish photographer Nina Korhonen will be on view from January 17-February 24 at the Latvian Museum of Photography, Riga. 

According to Korhonen, the show is a story and tribute to her beloved grandmother, Anna. The photographs, made in New York and Lake Worth, Florida between 1993-1999, depict everyday life--sensual, warm, and with much humor. The exhibition is a tribute to an elderly woman who sought a different life and found it. The journey to America had been her grandmother’s dream since she was eight years old and promised to follow her aunt to the great “Wonderland”. Anna was 40 years old, and it was a difficult time in Finland, impossible to find a job. Her husband Kalle had travelled as the chief engineer to all the great ports of the world, now he thought that it was his turn to stay at home. In spring of 1959, Anna realized her life’s dream and alone, with a couple of hundred dollars and no special skills in the English language, she took the airplane to New York. She lived in Brooklyn and worked as a cook in a wealthy family in upper Manhattan. Anna flew to Tampere, Finland every summer and Kalle flew to her in New York every winter. When Kalle died in 1985, Anna gave Nina his camera. A few years later, when she found old colour photographs from their trips, she decided to keep portraying Anna in her own way. She visited Anna regularly for two or three weeks at a time and photographed her in her home and favourite places. Anna called Nina her “back-scrubber,” and Nina listened Anna’s stories and learned about her “Amerikan mummu”. Anna spent 40 years in America. She died from cancer at 83 years old. For the last six years, she had the beloved sunlight all year round. She travelled between her three homes – spring and autumn in New York, summer in Finland and winter in Florida. It was exactly as she had dreamt it would be.

Nina Korhonen News: Nina Korhonen: Monkey to Monkey, Exhibition in Helsinki, Finland, October  5, 2018

Nina Korhonen: Monkey to Monkey, Exhibition in Helsinki, Finland

October 5, 2018 Gallery, Helsinki, Finland 12.10. - 20.12.2018

Nina Korhonen (b. 1961) is known for her strong and respectable images. One of Nina’s most well known photography books, ‘Amerikan Mummu’ won Sweden’s best photography book award in 2004. Nina’s extensive works have attracted audiences to 41 exhibitions around the world. The first exhibition was in the 1989 Raders Art Museum in Denmark and afterwards galleries in, Stockholm, New York, Copenhagen, St. Petersburg, Paris, Istanbul as well as many other cities have become familiar with Nina’s work. Nina’s latest book, Monkey to Monkey, appeared in Spring of 2018. The photos were made as part of Nina’s travels through China over a period of 12 years and the exhibition is dedicated to Nina’s beloved grandfather Kalle Väisänen. “Monkey to Monkey is a fascinating peek through Nina Korhonen’s camera lens documenting the daily lives of Chinese people. The pictures combine the 12-year cycle of Chinese astrology, during which time Korhonen photographed in both China’s major cities and rural areas.”

Nina Korhonen: Anna Amerikan Mummu

September 9, 2017

Nina Korhonen's renowned series and book of photographs about her grandmother, Anna American Mummuwill be on exhibition in Korhonen's native town (Tampere, Finland) where Anna began her journey to America.  The exhibition will be at the Tampere Art Museum, September 9-October 29, 2017 and is part of the Backlight Festival and Finland's 100-year celebration.